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Agriculture GVA

RS contributes 12% of the Brazilian agricultural cattle ranch occupying the first place among the Brazilian states

Gross Value Added – GVA – of Brazilian agriculture in 2015 was R$ 258 billion. Rio Grande do Sul contributed 12.1% out of this amount, i.e., approximately R$ 31.3 billion, ranking first among brazilian states.

Although in the Total GVA matrix of Rio Grande do Sul the sector has a participation of only 8.4%, this activity is very important for the state economy, since several segments of agribusiness derive from it, and there is a great influence of the activity on the exports sector. The sector also has great significance for small municipalities, where it is responsible for promoting several activities, mainly in trade and services. About 46% of the Agriculture GVA of the State (R$ 11 billion) comes from municipalities with less than 15 thousand inhabitants.

The municipalities of Cachoeira do Sul, Uruguaiana, Tupanciretã, Dom Pedrito, Alegrete, São Gabriel, Itaqui, Santa Vitória do Palmar, Vacaria, São Borja, Muitos Capões e Palmeira das Missões standed out in 2015 for presenting GVA higher than R$ 300 million. Most of the municipalities have grain crops as the main product of the sector. An exception is Caxias do Sul, where the main activities of the sector are horticulture and poultry farming.

Evolution of Agriculture GVA in Rio Grande do Sul 2002-2015 (R$ billion)
Evolution of Agriculture GVA in Rio Grande do Sul 2002-2015 (R$ billion)

Source: IBGE 

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