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IDESE – Socioeconomic Development Index

RS is at present in the level of medium development, with IDESE of 0.751

O Rio Grande do Sul is in the level of medium development, with an index of 0.751 in 2015, showing a slight decrease in comparison with the previous year, when the index was 0.757. The Health Block is the only one in the high level of development, presenting an index of 0.817, slightly above the one of 2014, which was 0.813. The Education Block was practically steady, with a small variation from 2014 to 2015, going from 0.697 to 0.698, whereas the Income Block was the only one that had a decrease – which influenced the decrease in the IDESE from 0.757 to 0.739.

Among the municipalities, Carlos Barbosa continues to be the best placed one, with an index of 0.879, in 2015, whereas Alvorada showed, once more, the worst performance, 0.571. The highest indexes are still concentrated in the municipalities of the axis Porto Alegre-Caxias do Sul.

Concerning COREDEs – Conselhos Regionais de Desenvolvimento (Regional Councils of Development), the best ranked one was Noroeste Colonial, with an index of 0.816. Although it has shown a slight decrease in comparison with the previous year (0.826), it surpassed COREDE Serra, now in the second position (since it had a decrease from 0.877, in 2014, to 0.813, in 2015). COREDE Centro Sul continues being the worst ranked, with a decrease in the index from 0.692, in 2014, to 0.680 in 2015.

Evolution of IDESE of Rio Grande do Sul by blocks 2007-2015
Graphic IDESE RS 2015

Source: FEE/Núcleo de Indicadores Sociais e Ambientais

*Levels of IDESE – Socioeconomic Development Index
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