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Industry GVA

Rio Grande do Sul is the 5th Industrial GVA largest among the 27 states

Gross Value Added – GVA – of Brazilian industry in 2015 was R$ 1.2 trillion. Rio Grande do Sul contributed 6.67% out of this amount, i.e., approximately R$ 77 billion, presenting the 5th Industrial GVA largest among the 27 states.

The State has a diversified industry that developed from agribusiness and other segments related to the primary sector. In GVA matrix, the industrial sector of the State is accountable for 23.2% of the total, and 16.3% corresponds to manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry of Rio Grande do Sul comes third in national ranking, after São Paulo and Minas Gerais states, with a participation of 8.6%. 

The segments connected to the exporting market also have a high degree of spatial concentration of production. The axis Porto Alegre-Caxias do Sul polarizes a great part of these segments. Although spatially quite concentrated, some segments, as food products, present a greater degree of dispersion across the state territory.

In 2015, five municipalities - Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul, Canoas, Triunfo and Gravataí - accounted for 34% of  Industry GVA in the Rio Grande do Sul, mainly of the Manufacturing Industry. Candiota and Pinhal da Serra excelled in the Production and distribution of electricity and Triunfo in the manufacture of Petroleum products. The others focus on the manufacture of Motor vehicles, Chemicals, Leather products and Metallurgy.

Extractive Industry has a small share in the state economy, with only 0.2% of total GVA.  In Rio Grande do Sul the industries dedicated to mineral extraction, in their majority, extract non-metallic minerals. The group of industries of  Rio grande do Sul partially or directly related to Construction participate with 5.4% of the national GVA of the segment.

Evolution of Industry GVA in Rio Grande do Sul 2012-2015 (R$ Billion)
Evolution of Industry GVA in Rio Grande do Sul 2012-2015 (R$ Billion)

Source: IBGE/Contas Regionais

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