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Socioeconomic Atlas of Rio Grande do Sul

An Atlas to understand Rio Grande do Sul State

Rio Grande do Sul State Socioeconomic Atlas is an electronic publication elaborated by the State Secretariat of Planning, Governance and Management. This site represents the continuity of an initiative that completed 22 years in 2020, having its origin in the publication of two printed editions in the years 1998 and 2002. It acquired more visibility and dynamism with the launch of the electronic edition in 2003, what enabled wider society access.

The main objective of this publication is to supply georeferenced and spatialized information on the socioeconomic reality of Rio Grande do Sul State. Data from diverse sources are presented as thematic maps, tables and graphs with explanatory texts that enable several comparisons among regions, municipalities and other Brazilian states.

The electronic publication is presently organized in six chapters: Summary; Infrastructure; Environment; Demography; Social Indicators; and Economy, which together form a geographic synthesis of the main themes and activities developed in Rio Grande do Sul and provide a differentiated reading on regional reality. Such information is used by public entities in the formulation of their policies and is also widely used by education and research entities, as well as by entrepreneurs, investors, and public in general who seek to know the State and its potentialities.

Socioeconomic Atlas of Rio Grande do Sul