State Government of Rio Grande do Sul
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Tech Notes

This Atlas was designed from the digital map base 1:1,000,000 and is available in various print ranges, in Polyconic Projection, using the Horizontal Reference System WGS 1984. The digital cartography uses predominantly ArcGIS 10.0 software family.

Different grouping levels of spatial information were used. Due to data availability, the most used one was the municipal base with 496 municipalities (2003). The bases of 333 municipalities (1991), 427 municipalities (1992), 467 municipalities (1995) and 497 municipalities (2013) were also used. The regional divisions used were COREDEs - Conselhos Regionais de Desenvolvimento (Regional Councils of Development) and RFs - Regiões Funcionais de Planejamento (Functional Regions of Planning). In the health area some data were worked by Regional Coordinations of Health and Macro-Regions of Health.

Socioeconomic Atlas of Rio Grande do Sul